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Simply Accounting online recorded training from Prism Business TrainingSimply Accounting 2007 Online Recorded Training

Whether you're new to Simply Accounting or you want to brush up or expand your skills, Prism has Simply Accounting training that's right for you.This page lists our Simply Accounting 2007 online recorded training.

Online training saves a business travel time and expenses. It offers flexibility, and the sessions can be taken anywhere, on any computer, and any time that's convenient, 24/7. Prism's online Simply Accounting courses are in-depth and easy to follow. Demonstrations and examples are presented using Simply Accounting 2007, and all courses come with support documents.

All the following courses are applicable for the Basic, Pro, Premium and Enterprise versions of Simply Accounting, except as noted *.

Session # Session Name (click to display description) Length (min)
SA-104-07 Customers, Sales & Receipts Level 1 60 $34.95
SA-103-07 Vendors, Purchases & Payments Level 1 60 $34.95
SA-203-07 Vendors, Purchases & Payments Level 2 60 $34.95
SA-106-07 Inventory level 1 60 $34.95
Employees & Payroll
SA-105-07 Payroll Level 1 60 $34.95
SA-207-07 Time Slips, Payroll and Time & Billing* 60 $34.95
SA-210-07 Payroll Related Remittances 60 $34.95
SA-107-07 Project Job Costing 60 $34.95
SA-109-07 Account Reconciliation 60 $34.95
SA-110-07 Deposit Slips 60 $34.95
SA-101-07 Setting Up a New Company 60 $34.95
Other Features
SA-108-07 Using Foreign (Multi) Currency 60 $34.95
SA-111-07 Credit Card Setup & Features 60 $34.95
SA-208-07 Departmental Accounting* 60 $34.95
SA-211-07 Using Microsoft Office with Simply Accounting 60 $34.95

*Not applicable for Simply Accounting Basic